I first went to a Iyengar yoga class with Elaine in 2007 when I was preparing for the European Master's Games.  Elaine's teaching is thorough, encouraging AND challenging.  Now I've come back to class, I keep asking myself why I stopped coming! I appreciate the precise teaching and demonstration and the clear preparation that has gone into each class. I can recommend Iyengar yoga for its staged approach and the continual development it offers to everyone.

  I was new to yoga when I  started the class with Elaine about 8 months ago and can recommend her, she is an excellent teacher. She has guided me through the poses and her enthusiasm and respect for Iyengar yoga rubs off on you. Since I have been going to her class I have done things I didn't think I would ever do including shoulder stands and the relaxation class is amazing, it makes you feel you are completely refreshed and rejuvenated. Give it a try and you will be hooked - I am !

  I am a 60-year-old woman. I have done Iyengar yoga on and off for the past 26 years, starting when I was expecting my first child, with the hope of strengthening my weak back. It worked and I have been going to classes ever since.  When I manage to do some practice at home, as well as attending classes – one or two a week – I find that I don’t only feel physically agile but I am more resilient in mental and, surprisingly, emotional matters as well.

I have so far been able to avoid serious back problems and yoga also seems to help keep my weight in check. The practice is demanding, especially as I am growing older, but the sense of all-round well-being it engenders is matchless.  I particularly enjoy Elaine’s classes because she constantly, but not intolerably, pushes her students to improve; she takes the trouble to get to know each student’s capacities so as to be able to provide personal advice, and, importantly, she has a great sense of humour.

SL Leamington Spa

What the students say


2008 European Master's gold medal winner - in training again for 2015!

Wendy Baird

 I'd done yoga for a number of years before I tried Iyengar yoga; that's when I truly realised what yoga is about!  It is challenging, in a very positive way, promoting discipline, strength and endurance.  We are encouraged to think about the level to which we can work to and challenge ourselves, learning about our limitations.  In this way Iyengar yoga is very adaptable to your strengths; the use of props allow you to progress gradually.  

The classes are very structured and the use of equipment has enabled me to develop more precision and understanding in my yoga poses.  I've managed to incorporate some of the postures into my daily routine; the benefits carry on outside of the class.  I was able to carry on with the classes throughout my recent pregnancy and I am certain that this me helped me enormously in my pregnancy and in recovering after the birth.  The fact that I was still able to join in, with some adaptations, was brilliant and made me feel really empowered about my pregnancy.  I was pleased to still be able to enjoy yoga.

 If you are looking for a class that provides high quality teaching within a friendly and nurturing environment, then this is it.  The classes are varied and well structured with each class having a definite focus for that week.  Everyone is very supportive of each other and people can work to their own level and progress at their pace with no sense of pressure or competition.  The great thing about Iyengar yoga is that the props support you as you develop and they change as you do.

 I like Iyengar Yoga because it isn't competitive in any way - you just work by yourself and within your own capabilities.  I remember that I once went to a circuit training class, and it was awful because I couldn't do any of the exercises, and felt that I couldn't keep up with everyone else.  Yoga isn't like that; no one can ever really "do" the poses, and no one is looking at anyone else.

Yoga is "time out" - space and time away from everything else.

Yoga makes me feel tall and strong, and generally better about myself.

I really think that Iyengar Yoga helped me to have healthy pregnancies, and quick, easy births - and to recover and feel good about myself afterwards.


8 years of classes


9 years of classes