I will provide all equipment but please bring along to class a blanket and a Yoga mat if you have one.
Clothing: Wear clothes that allow you plenty of movement.  Leggings, or shorts and a t-shirt are ideal.  Yoga is practiced in bare feet.
Food:  You should practise on an empty
stomach so try to allow 4 hours after a heavy meal or 1 hour after a snack.  Make sure you are not thirsty, as we do not eat or drink in class.
Health: Essential information
Please tell me before class if you suffer from any medical conditions - including high blood pressure, bad back, sore knees – so that I can give you the best advice in class.

If you are pregnant, or have a chronic or acute medical illness, or have recently undergone an operation, class may not be suitable.  Instead, I may need to refer you to a more senior teacher.  Just let me know so that I can give you the most beneficial advice.
What to bring to class?